Dual Enrollment

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“I participate in this program called Dual Enrollment. As long as you are a high school student, you can start FREE college courses without having to apply to a college! The choices are either Baker or Davenport. I chose Baker and I am happy I did! It has many classes for online students and their staff is always ready to answer any questions I have. Not only that, but Baker Dual Enrollment has free and unlimited tutoring sessions that can be synchronous or asynchronous. In addition, any student who is going through a rough time, can also sign up for therapy through Baker without having to worry about expenses, because it is free! Right now, I am currently earning my college credits for English and Math! I’m also about to start my second semester with Spanish and Sociology. Now, when the time comes for college, I can focus on the classes that I want to focus on. My future self is going to LOVE that I was able to participate in this program.”



“As a DE student I have received nothing but love, support, and encouragement from the staff of the DE program. This program has put me on track to become the next/future cardiologist. Not only do you get a taste of what college is like, but you also receive college credits.”

Jump-Start Your Future

Highpoint Virtual Academy (HVAM) offers the option for students to participate in Dual Enrollment for Michigan high school students grades 9-12; this program allows students to enroll in a college/university in Michigan and take college courses alongside them taking their high school courses. The college courses will count towards high school credit as well as begin their college transcript.

Students can take as little as one college course during their high school journey, or they can take a maximum of 10 college courses throughout grades 9-12. Courses do not follow a set program like what the Early Middle College program would be, but there are some limitations to what courses students can enroll in (at the high school and college level).

What are the benefits? 

No out of pocket costs at our Partner Schools. You don’t pay tuition, fees, or book costs. This can significantly reduce education loan debt.
However, If you choose a school outside of our partner schools, there may be a cost associated; the price that is covered per class each year changes, and that specific information is given to students and families each year by the dual enrollment counselor.

Better prepared for college. Participating in the dual enrollment program also prepares you for the more challenging coursework required of higher education. 

Dual Enrollment Partners 

Any college/university in the state of Michigan is also an option for students to take dual enrollment classes, however, there is a potential for out of pocket fees depending on the college/university chosen. This is something that will be discussed prior to class registration. 

Who is eligible? 

In order to apply for the dual enrollment program, high school students must meet all the following criteria: 

  • Be an HVAM student in good standing  
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 
  • Have a minimum PSAT score of 400 in Reading/Writing and Math 
  • Have less than 10 absences per academic year 
  • Be on track for graduation, including completion of state testing requirements 
  • Have approval from HVAM Dual Enrollment Committee 

How do I apply? 

Complete all application materials and an essay; fall semester deadline: April 1, Spring semester deadline: Nov. 1. Once accepted into the program, you must then apply to the appropriate college and work with the dual enrollment counselor on the next steps.