Attendance FAQs

What is the new guidance for parent-logged attendance?

  • K-8 Learning Coaches are only being asked to log time for PE, Health, and Technology “Attendance Only” classes and any offline work time such as reading, doing worksheets, etc.

Elementary families can log the time they spent on individual lessons in the OLS when prompted. If completing a lesson in class, you can add the time of the live ClassConnect that you attended.

  • High School students do not have “Attendance Only” classes typically. High School Learning Coaches only need to log supplemental, offline, work time

Why do we no longer log attendance for working in the OLS/D2L or Class Connect sessions?

  • The OLS and D2L now keeps track of the time that a student spends working in their lessons online. The Class Connect program also keeps track of the time spent in live classes.
  • The time will not show up in the Attendance screen for learning coaches, but it is reported to us.

For what courses do I log attendance?

  • If your student is in K-8th grades, then time for PE, Health, and Technology should be logged.
  • Elementary families can log the time they spend on individual lessons in the OLS when prompted

Can I log offline work?

Yes. This time is not tracked by the system, so please feel free to log that time under the appropriate course. (Example: Bedtime reading can be logged under Language Arts and/or English).

The handbook says students should be working, on average, 7 hours a day. I’m worried that the hours aren’t adding up to that every day with the new process.

If your student is logging into required live classes and completing the daily assignments and lessons as scheduled, they will meet their required hours for the year.  

What are the requirements for PE, Health and Technology?

  • Students in K-8th grades should achieve 2.5 hours of PE and 1.5 hours of Health, weekly.
  • There is no time requirement for Technology. Think of it as the “junk drawer” of attendance.

Can I log time for live classes with the teachers?

You CAN if you prefer to track everything, but it’s not necessary. This time is automatically recorded on our end.

Should I log time for club time, assemblies, homeroom and other non-academic classes?

You can log this time under “Technology” but it’s not necessary. The system adds this time into their total hours automatically because it is a live class.

Can I log time for field trips?

Yes. This time should typically be logged under “Technology,” but it may be more appropriate under PE or any other course, if the activity pertains to what the student is learning in class. (Example: A trip to the museum, to learn more about American History, can be logged under History or Social Studies).

Can I log time for sports on the weekend?

Yes. This should be logged under “PE.”

How do I report and record an absence?