How It Works (Middle School)

Work Completion Expectation

In middle school, student learning changes to a semester-based approach where students are required to earn a passing grade of 60 percent or above on their assignments and online lessons. Due dates are assigned to lessons to encourage consistent, steady progress for academic success. Attending teacher-led, direct-instruction, online synchronous “Class Connect” sessions, along with completing coursework, will also assist with student success. Middle school teachers will work with families to ensure students are progressing academically as expected. To achieve success, it’s in the student’s best interest to follow the pacing schedule that’s assigned for each course.

Who is this intended for?

The HVAM middle school program serves students in grades 6–8 who reside within Michigan.

What are the costs?

As a public charter school, HVAM is part of the public school system and is available tuition-free. The K12 curriculum materials are provided at no cost. And a loaner computer, printer, and Internet stipend is provided to families who qualify.

How do I get started?

Visit our How to Enroll section for more information about how to start the enrollment process.